Motor Mine-Sweeer (MMS) 1001-type

Towards the end of 1942 Admiralty decided to adopt the larger and more seaworthy 1001-type of MMS rather than the smaller 110-foot type.

MMS Stor


The new design was tailored for simple construction, with the same engines, armament and manning, but larger, of 140 feet oa, and with a raised foc’sle, influenced by the US Navy YMS-class.


Basic specifications:

Hull                 126pp/140oa/26/10.5 ft

Displacement 255 tons

Engine            500 bhp diesel engine, several alternatives

Speed             10 knots

Armament      2x20 mm AA machine guns

Manning         21 officers and crew


The first of the MMS 1001-series were delivered on July 1943, and the next yea construction was well afoot with British and Canadian shipyards, I e traditional wooden shipbuilders and also new contractors.

In total, 90 unites were completed.


The Royal Norwegian Navy was able to commission two such units in 1944, manned in Dundee. These were later acquired and transferred to Norway.


After the war another 18 vessels were imported to Norway for conversion, as well as two to Iceland and three to Denmark.


MMS 1027 A Solnes

MMS 1027 as fishing vessel SOLNES, NSS-Opedal Collection


MMS 1006 Trippesta, Polstjarnan, Baldur, Hildur

MMS 1010 Tustnastabb

MMS 1013 Uddu, Sjøvik II, Alpøy

MMS 1015 Henny, Ullafjell

MMS 1018 Vabak

MMS 1021 Arnarnes, Einar Olafsson

MMS 1027 Barø, Solnes

MMS 1031 Straumey

MMS 1037 Trappes

MMS 1050 Elieser 5

MMS 1051 Huvik, Timann

MMS 1052 Arcus

MMS 1053 Thor-Bjørn

MMS 1054 Greenland, Frost

MMS 1055 Havbraut

MMS 1056 Jane Lolk

MMS 1058 Jørgen Klaus

MMS 1062 Krohnholm

MMS 1064 Krohnøy, Gisle

MMS 1069 Sinus

MMS 1070 Polarfisk

MMS 1080 Benn, Elly

MMS 1085 Orkla

MMS 1086 Vefsna, Franklin Roosevelt

MMS 1088 Sveip