Dedicated to war-built vessels with a Scandinavian perspective

Warbuilt vessels

This section of the Norwegian Shipping History Society’s website is dedicated to information on war-built tonnage, i e vessels built as a result of wars.

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Motor Mine Sweeper MMS 110 foot type

For minesweeping in coastal and inshore waters Admiralty had a simple minesweeper of wooden construction projected in 1940. The vessels were to be uncomplicated to be manned by Royal navy Reserve-personnel.

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WWI escort trawlers to Scandinavia

Of the Admiralty classes Isles, Dance, Tree and Shakespearian escort trawlers of WWII, 51 vessels ended up with Scandinavian, mostly Norwegian owners after the war. Most of these were acquired in 1946/47 and converted to commercial purposes. Here follows a general examination of the type and details of the vessels included.

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