1 The Isles class and sisters

The isles, Tree, Dance and Shakespearian classes were similar in hull design and arrangement, with the following specifications:

Esc 00 Isles-Class

Drawing: Frank Abelsen


Displacement             545 tons

Hull                             164oa/157pp/27.5/10.6 ft

Engine                        Triple-expansion 850 ihp (Shakespearian 950 ihp)

Speed                         12 knots

Basic armament:       1x12 pdr, 3x20 mm anti-aircraft guns

Manning:                    25-40, depending on purpose



In 1944 four units were transferred to the Royal Norwegian Navy for manning (although HMS Eday had to be returned for technical reasons and replaced):

HMS Shiant    became           RNN Jeløy

HMS Inchmarnock                RNN Karmøy

HMS Kerrea                           RNN Oksøy

HMS Eday                              RNN Tromøy (1)

HMS Mincalo                          RNN Tromøy (2)


These were in commission until 1946 and were then returned to Admiralty.Isles Escort


Drawing:Arne Tandberg


Esc 00 Isles Gen


Drawing: John Lambert