Møteprogram 2014

Husk: Åpent hver tirsdag 1000-1300 i lokalet 4 etg Sandviksboder 16

Program for høsten 2013

Her finner du informasjon om ukentlige treff på lokalet i Sandviksboder 16 og om møter og turer utover høsten.

3 The fight over surrendered ships

IARA, based in Brussels, took its time to obtain full information on the German vessels to be distributed between the Allied nations. Only on 27 February 1946, Ingolf Hysing-Olsen of Nortraship, London, was given a list of 293 vessels of a total of 800,000 gross tons. Now the final battle over distribution could begin.

4 Inspection and claims

The allocated vessels were formally handled by the Shipping Directorate (Skibsfartsdirektoratet) under the Ministry of Trade in Oslo. This was the same body that had been responsible for securing tonnage for supplies to occupied Norway during the war and also during the UMA-period. From the summer of 1945 the Directorate also involved the Nortraship organization in Britain, but had to use its own personnel in Germany. Its main task was to survey all allocated vessels and start sale proceedings to Norwegian owners as soon as possible.

2 Finally under steam

On 2 November 1945 the Minister of Trade, Tor Skjønsberg, met with his senior civil servant Peter Simonsen and shipowner Odd Berg from the NSA to settle the final management contracts to the interested companies.